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  • Kerrie Benstead

Who is she?

Who is she?

The words on everyone's lips when they see me pop up all over my Instagram stories is,

Who is she?!

Who is this Crazy lady that shows up daily, posting beautiful photos of gorgeous pregnant ladies and squishy little babies? Not forgetting all the really fast videos of her making different coloured balloon arches for all these stunning first birthdays.

Well this is me!

I am Kerrie.

I am Wife to my amazing husband Ben and Mummy to my loveable little threenager Reggie.

We all live together in the beautiful county of Suffolk, in a small town called Ipswich.

I created Beautiful Creations photography when our darling Reggie was just 6 months old. At this stage I had decided that I didn't want to go back to my previous job, as much as I love being a dental nurse, it was time to turn my passion into a business.

I had no idea how to start a business, I just knew that I wanted it so bad!

I decided to train in Newborn posing safety with the lovely Claire Elliot.

 I then did a lighting course for studio photography and took the leap into learning all about Maternity photography and training with the incredible Natasha Ince. My journey begun!

Up went my garden studio and the maternity and Newborn business was created! (Obviously it wasn't as easy as that, however you don't have all night to read through every fine detail!)

Since starting I have trained with some of the best and most supportive trainers all over the UK in Maternity and Newborn photography. I continue to train every year as you can always learn something new.

I LOVE what I do and I am so passionate about it. I am not just somebody that takes pictures.

I am that person that breathes in every detail and gives you my everything from start to finish.

I create timeless beautiful images to freeze those moments in being a mum myself, I know the days are long but the years are so very short.

Beautiful Creations photography is my 2nd child and I wouldn't have it any other way!

(Well its soon to be my third!)

3 years in and I am doing it!! I started my own business from nothing and I am living my dream.

All I wanted to do was to create a comfortable lifestyle that worked around Reggie, whilst enjoying watching him grow. I feel so grateful for each and every person that supports my business everyday and I am so proud to have the most amazing clients!

So who is She?

I am She,

I am Kerrie

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